Adventure background music mp3 free download

23.09.2021 By Jose Bryde

adventure background music mp3 free download

  • Royalty free Adventures music - Page 2
  • Royalty free Adventures music
  • Free Adventure music
  • Page 2 - Adventure Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3
  • Adventure Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3
  • Especially for marketers and advertisers, we provide 15s, 30s, and 60s versions that are perfect for commercial formats.

    One more handy feature is a set of top-quality loops for almost all the tracks in the library. With these loops, you'll be bakground to mix various parts of the track to customize it. Forget about searching for the track of the specific duration! Using loops, you can create as long audio as you need.

    Search Royalty Free Music. Graduation Motivate Inspiring Cinematic. Pacific Ocean By Max Tune. Folk music Acoustic Happy Advenure. Long Journey By Alex Stoner.

    Royalty free Adventures music - Page 2

    Medieval Brass Strings Percussion. Hero By Max Tune. Action Adventure Background Cinematic. Texas Sun By EdRecords. Great for downloadd about adventure and travel, discovery channel, any broadcast about the animal planet. Pads, Horns, Piano, Flute, ethereal and dream-like. Sometimes the past is already a beautiful memory, but for retro lovers, those years from the 80s are still now, now, now.

    Like digital nostalgia, it keeps on pulsing. This synthwave music is for those who love 80s films, Nintendo games, retro ads, or simply want to dive into an atmosphere of the heart. This is epic cinematic trailer music with orchestra instruments and epic drums. This track will be perfect for movie trailers, documentaries, adventure videos, storytelling, dramatic musiccinematic views, and landscapes.

    This one is a motivational track with uplifting energy and an optimistic mood.

    Great background for inspiring speeches, encouraging storytelling, adventure and travel videos, all kinds of advertising, sport videos, success and achievements stories, and many more. Creepy Fiddle - mesmerizing and eerie melody plunges you into the dark world of flickering pumpkins with glowing eyes, the mad bsckground sobs as if the ghosts themselves are backgorund on it.

    This theme is perfect for Halloween. Background music performed by the classical orchestra. This melody evokes a feeling of elegance, happiness, and adventures. Great for commercials, Hollywood film trailers, inspiring stories, great achievements, and victories.

    Royalty free Adventures music

    It's a fairy tale that gets you off the ground and takes you to unknown distances, to the world of fantastic adventures, the world of fearless heroes, beautiful princesses, treacherous villains, monsters, and sorcerers. You become the hero advdnture this tale - listen, enjoy and dream! It is simple magic. Mood: Celtic, fantasy, medieval, epic, magic, fable, dreamy.

    Instruments: violin, flute, guitar, brass, pizzicato strings, epic drums, oboe. A catchy country-rock tune with just the right amount of twang! Despite being upbeat, it has a warm, mellow quality that's perfect for everything from driving to work to chilling by the campfire.

    Ideal as background music for commercials, podcasts, country images, travel videos, nature films, etc. This inspirational, energetic country-rock loop will make you think of open roads, driving, freedom, adventure. It's a musical journey with plenty of optimism and positive feelings — all real instruments and musicians.

    The full version is also included. Is a triumphant and uplifting corporate tune featuring with airy piano chords, inspirational strings melody and rhythmic epic drums, that creates a glorious muisc motivational mood. Perfect for advertisement, technological videos, timelapse, cinematic documentary, adventure footage, travel videos and other dowjload visuals.

    These raw and powerful Garage Rock track features a lot of kick drums, distortion, and bass guitars. If you need a masculine and backgeound sound for your projects and videos, this high-power track is made for this.

    Fits perfect for sports videos, action scenes, video game trailers, and more. Uplifting African style Instrumental track with background choir, marimba, rhythmic percussion, and warm synth pads. Great for safari, adventure, African jungle scenes, travel channel, natural world documentaries.

    Resembling to "The Lion King" soundtrack.

    Free Adventure music

    This one is a dynamic and energetic pop-rock track with a bright sound and an inspirational mood. Powerful and highly uplifting music will give you an excellent atmosphere for any advertising, promotional videos, business and corporate presentations, success stories, career achievements, happy lifestyle videos, travel and adventure videos, motivational speeches, sport videos, and many more.

    This is a modern motivational and upbeat corporate backgrond track with an inspiring and uplifting feel. Perfectly match your business presentation, commercial projects, promotional videos, inspiring visualization, real estate slideshow music, etc. A fun, energetic, heroic, uplifting and action packed orchestral track with contemporary backgorund beats.

    Hans Zimmer meets the Lego movie! Conveys a feeling of limitless adventure and drama, while being positive and inspirational. Great for games, promotions, trailers, sports and animation. Inspiring and energetic cinematic track. Good background for trailer, movie, advertisment, documentary, slideshow, backgroubd and video about adventures, history, sciense, technology, sport.

    Summer Vacation Dreams is a cheerful and uplifting electronic background track for happy videos, commercials, youtube, and other advertising content.

    Page 2 - Adventure Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Perfect for all kinds of happy stories and projects which require a carefree energetic beat or commercial that needs a dose of positivity! High impact modern western themed music cue that is perfect for travel, reality, or tv! Fast paced percussion, oriental, middle eastern styled feel, making it great for inspiring adventure transitions and more.

    A motivational modern rock track played by delay guitars. Ideal to use as background music for various media projects or as motivational music during commercials, TV show, film, or documentary. Good choice for travel adventures, Muaic videos, business presentations, films, and more. Similar to "The devil wears Prada" soundtrack.

    adventure background music mp3 free download

    Epic cinematic trailer music with powerful motivational and heroic mood. Instruments afventure this track are massive stackato strings, cello, brass, viola, violins, percussion, vocal samples. Great for movie trailers, videogames, adventure films. A sweeping and intense epic track with a powerful orchestral sound.

    Ideal to underscore intense free scenes or the approach of danger. A great piece for any epic film trailer, teasers, and documentary. It can be used to portray intense action or adventure scenes, and more. This retro, futuristic royalty-free 80s synthwave track takes you back to a time when analog synths ruled and the first wave of electronic music taking over the world.

    Featuring a retro sound that blends neon synths, cyberpunk leads, synth bass, and electro beats into a nostalgic package. Perfect as background music for your next indie game, vlog, podcast, or film project. Get ready for action! Get ready for a big adventure! Ethnic percussion for any kind of your projects.

    I hope you like it. Strong and optimistic pop-rock track downooad a highly uplifting and motivational atmosphere. Excellent background for advertising, commercials, corporate and business promos, real estate videos, success stories, career achievements, sport progress and attainments, inspiring speeches, adventure videos, TV shows, ads, and many more.

    Let your imagination take you to a dark, futuristic urban realm in this cyberpunk track with ominous overtones.

    adventure background music mp3 free download

    It has the feel of post-industrialism or a post-apocalyptic world. The soundscape includes a mix of ambient sounds and a rhythmic robotic beat that gives a forward momentum to the underlying tension of the atmosphere. This track is the perfect doownload for fight scenes, chase scenes, dark science fiction in the style of Matrix, down and dirty urban landscapeas, dark future images, etc.

    Adventure Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Powerful, inspirational, strong and motivational music. Perfect for advertising, video about success, people and world, heroic adventures, sports and motivation, and more. Used uplifting drums, powerful strings, piano, air guitar and more. This track gives you powerful and motivational energy for your projects. The cinematic and action-packed orchestral track featuring flowing strings, big drums, and epic overdrive elements.

    Perfect for montages, sports music and fitness trailers, commercials, adventures, and more. This track takes one back to the 60's with great retro vibe and cool tremolo guitars, Hammond organ,and a great bass line. Would work great in scenes with gambling, hightakes action, and mischievous plots.

    Ideal for casinos, game shows, show time and any scene where you want to create a cool atmosphere that is cheeky-cool and just a little bit risky! Think Ocean's Eleven but with some cool funk vibes. Powerful, aggressive, and guitar-driven rock track.

    With hard-hitting drums, heavy riffs, solid synths, and distorted bass. Bold and triumphant, this is an ideal underscore for road adventures, speed racing games, high-energy workout, motivational training, extreme sports contest. So grab this track to enrich your project to its goal! Adventure Time - Celtic medieval tavern ballad music in fantasy style about ancient knights, elfs, magic adventures.

    Instruments: violin, flute, guitar, brass.

    Download MP3 Unforgettable Adventure by DPmusic. Very optimistic and motivational background music where modern classical meets pop rock. Featuring piano, electric guitar, electric bass, strings, bells, drums and pads. This track is perfect for any inspiring videos, family journey, travel adventure, life stories or any uplifting multimedia projects. Ideal background music for your next campfire or mountain adventure. Download MP3 Strive For The Highest by TimTaj It is a confident and motivational royalty-free background music that evokes feelings of aspiration, motivation, and stimulates action, achievement and success. Kevin MacLeodSneaky Adventure. #Cinematic #Classical. Download Add to cart (€ 20) Kevin MacLeod. Wallpaper. #Contemporary #Experimental.

    Best for games and videos. Powerful and uplifting Indie Rock track. With a bouncy and catchy rhythm featuring live drums dlwnload guitars. This piece can bring your commercial, YouTube video, or other projects to life. The big and bold feel makes it the perfect choice for commercials, marketing videos, presentations, and other media applications requiring upbeat sound.

    Composed specifically for use in trailers and games, this epic hybrid track uses a full orchestra with contemporary synth sounds to create an awesome sense of drama, adventure and power. This music would work perfectly for video, award ceremony, awarding show, nomination, game trailer, RPG game, fairy tale adventure videos, promo, movie, adventure film, news broadcast, scoring trailer, awards titles, TV program, YouTube videos and more.

    This is as a soundtrack to the open roads. It's filled with that funky, good old country-rock feeling. Ideal for projects related to free-spirits, road trips, new beginnings, backgroumd traveling, starting over a new journey, etc. Beautiful orchestral dramatic music with fantasy and majestic atmosphere and heroic mood.

    Ideal for adventures films or fantasy movies, heroic game trailers, victory. Main themes are: powerful, patriotism. An upbeat, orchestral adventure theme with a beautiful flute melody and catchy rhythm. Great for casual games, children's themes, podcasts, playful backgrounds, and more!

    Adventure Background Music Free Download. 26 tracks. Adventure Background Music Free Download. Royalty free Adventure Music Free Download mp3. Free use in all projects and media. Use for commercial purpose (monetization) . Kevin MacLeodSneaky Adventure. #Cinematic #Classical. Download Add to cart (€ 20) Kevin MacLeod. Wallpaper. #Contemporary #Experimental. Download MP3 Unforgettable Adventure by DPmusic. Very optimistic and motivational background music where modern classical meets pop rock. Featuring piano, electric guitar, electric bass, strings, bells, drums and pads. This track is perfect for any inspiring videos, family journey, travel adventure, life stories or any uplifting multimedia projects.