K88h smart watch app download

15.09.2021 By Tina Henderson

k88h smart watch app download

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  • A You can click on the Setting, then click on the Sound, then click the Alert type, then choose Vibrating only. Q Does the watch has a G senser? You can find the APP QR code from the watch like the picture on the left, or you can find it from the watch box. Thirdly: Use the phone to smarh the watch by bluetooth in the Wmart APP, then all features will work well for both Android phone and iPhone.

    If you have a set up problem, please ask us for help, we will send you a video to teach you step by step.


    Heart Rate monitor smart watch: Professional static and dynamic heart rate detection, whether you are resting or download sports, detect you heart rate accurately. There are two heart rate test modes: Once test mode and Repeat test mode. Let you real-time receive information from the smart watch.

    Pedometer: Take care app your health, monitor the distance, steps, time, carlorie to reach your health target. Enjoy your sport at anytime any where with datas. Learn more in our full review. You will also find a coupon code at the end of the article. When it comes to the design, the watch is surprisingly well-made considering its low price.

    In fact, the watch is made almost smart of metal and it uses a stainless-steel band, which makes the watch look more expensive than it is. K88h far as comfort, the watch is pretty comfortable to wear on the daily basis, which does not happen with all cheap watches.

    As for the display, it is not the sharpest out there but it is readable both indoors and outdoors.

    K88H Firmware Pack | Download

    You can select from a few watch faces or you can download a few more using the app. However, the watch has only MB of internal memory, so you can really download much stuff.

    k88h smart watch app download

    You can navigate through the menus using the touchscreen or the side button. The watch runs on the custom-made UI, which has quite a few features and settings to play with. Both pedometer and heart rate monitor sensors are pretty accurate as I compared the results with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

    The watch has all other standard features as a sedentary reminder, alarm clock etc. There is also a Siri integration downloaf works with the iOS devices. One of the cool features that work great is the lift to wake. It is really app in practice.

    Jul 03,  · Connecting the K88H smart watch to an Android device. Step 1. On the K88H smart watch, locate the "App" option on the menu. Step 2. Tap the "App" icon. Use your Android phone to scan the QR code to download and install the "FunDoWear Android Version" app. Step 3. Locate the "Settings" option on the main menu and tap to select it. Step 4. Oct 09,  · This is the update firmware pack for K88H smart watch. Download for free as you need once you are logged in. File size: MB. 1. "2K_XP_COM, Vista, 98_MASS, 98ME_COM" dirs and banglavideos.co must be put in the same direcotry. 2. To run InstallDriver without GUI windows, use "InstallDriver -a". 3. K88H SmartWatch Notifications. Companion app for K88H smart watch that works well with latest Androids. The original manufacturers app for the K88H SmartWatch is sending incomplete notifications to the watch. This simple app aims to fix this problem. Might work with other Mediatek smartwatches as well, though this wasn't tested.3/5().

    You can also sync your fitness data with the FundoWear app, which is also used for other cheap China smartwatches. Within the app, you can check your steps counter, sleep and heart rate patterns, adjust a few settings and so on. As for battery life, I could get just 2 days out of this watch, which is just an average result. The K88H is a really capable cheap smartwatch as it has been working fine so far.

    You can now get the smartwatch for just Technology is growing exponentially every day and changing by the hour, so it is tough to create something new and improved.

    Many manufacturers opt to borrow something from the best in business and add something that is uniquely theirs. We have reviewed K88H, a beautiful smartwatch that borrowed a lot of its appearance from watches made by the dodnload tech giants. We have tested it over the course of seven days and used it exclusively as the only smartwatch.

    If you watc to know more about this exciting and affordable little gadget, its strengths, and weaknesses, read the rest of our K88H smartwatch review. K88H offers a very simple but effective black package that looks very classy. In the box itself, there is a smartwatch obviously, charging cable, as well as user manual written in English and Chinese.

    There is no additional equipment of any sort so what you downlpad is what you get. K88H sport a beautiful premium design with its stainless steel bands and rounded aluminum casing. It comes in silver, gold, and black color options and each of them offers a unique dodnload.

    It is quite hefty with its 77 grams, but that just k88h to its premium feel. On the front of the device, there is a rounded 1. The microphone is located on the left of the watch while and there is a rotating button for controlling the device on the right. On the back of the K88H, there is a watch grill, heart rate sensor, and a magnetic charging connector.

    The device offers an IP54 protection against water splashes, so there is no need to downlozd it off before hands washing. The bands are pretty well made and because they smart standard 22mm in the size you can replace them by another pair at any time. K888h can combine different straps based on your outfit. The watch does look impressive, and it is made app quality materials download its price.

    The device offers a 1. Colors are very vivid, and doownload angles are great which is standard with the IPS technology.

    K88H Waterproof Smartwatch Price In Bangladesh - Zymak BD

    Unfortunately, there is no screen protection against scratching so the user must be very careful while handling the watch. The chipset and memory are bit shy on paper but in real life, they are performing very well. You can even communicate with Siri on your iOS device and give her orders straight from your watch.

    Bluetooth version on board is 4. The great thing about 4. The smartwatch offers non-removable mAh lithium-ion battery.

    Connect the K88H Smart Watch to Android/iPhone | GearBest Blog

    Battery life is a mixed bag of good standby time and lousy screen-on time. When you use the watch watch and sync a lot of data with download smartphone, you can drain its battery in less than a day. Standby time, meaning that you use the watch just for checking time, can be four or even five days which is ok we guess.

    In any case, it is recommended that app bring your charging cable with you just in case. Additional features are what the K88H smartwatch is all about. It offers a plethora of incredible possibilities, especially for athletes and people who enjoy physical activities. It has a pedometer so you can monitor how many steps have you walked or ran each day.

    During and after some physical activities you can check your heart rate with precision because the device offers a professional heart rate sensor. It also has sleep monitor function to see how good you sleep. It is based on the motion tracking that monitors your movement patterns during the night, and it can tell you about the quality of your sleep.

    Another practical feature is a sedentary reminder. It is the age where we spend most of our k88h sitting in the office, and it has a dangerous effect on our health. A sedentary reminder will warn you to take a walk or stretch a little after a certain predetermined time.

    Because of the embedded sensors, you can check what the time is just by raising your watch because the display will automatically turn on. The watch offers some interesting and useful features that are usually reserved just for flagship devices. Considering the features of this device, we have listed all the pros and cons for your viewing pleasure.

    Locate the " Settings " option on the main menu and tap to select it. Step 4. Tap to activate the " Bluetooth " option in the "Settings" menu. Or just slide the shortcut menu from the top on the main menu to open the Bluetooth function. Step 5. Tap " Scan " to scan for available devices, pair your phone with the " K88H " device.

    Step 6. Once you got the notification that " Smart Wear SmartDevice Connected ", your Android has successfully connected with the watch. Otherwise, retry the previous steps. Open the app to log in to your account to sync upload data from your K88H smart watch to your Android phone.

    Alternatively, view your health data recorded by the watch on your phone. Compared with Android devices, the steps are slightly more complicated. Search for the " Fundo Wear " app in the Apple store, download and install it on your iPhone.

    Enter the " Settings " interface to launch the Bluetooth function or slide the shortcut menu from the bottom to quickly open the Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth will automatically search for available devices around you, tap " K88H " to connect the watch and iPhone. Smagt notification will pop up asking for access authorization.

    Tap OK to grant it and continue. Once you enter the Bluetooth Search interface, tap the " Start Search " button to search for the K88H watch and pair together. You will get a hint confirming the watch has connected. Note: On the iPhone, you need to smarg the K88H to phone 's Bluetooth and with the app 's Bluetooth to fully complete the connection.

    Log in to your account using your Facebook or Twitter account. Or just register a new account. Then you can use the " Sync Data " function to upload new date emart your watch to your iPhone.