Uganda parliament fight video download

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uganda parliament fight video download

It is bordered to the east by Kenyato the north by South Sudanto the west by the Parloament Republic of the Congoto the south-west by Rwandaand to the south by Tanzania. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoriashared with Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda is in the African Great Lakes region. Uganda also lies within the Nile basin and has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate. It has a population of over 42 million, of which 8. Uganda is named after the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country, including the capital Icc cricket world cup video download.
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  • Gendarmes had arrested the two boys along with two adult males after a neighbor accused one of the adults, with whom they lived, of selling pornographic videos. There was no evidence that any of the men or boys were engaged in same-sex conduct. Gendarmes arrested them with one other man after finding a large supply of condoms in their apartment while searching for a stolen laptop, and took them to a military doctor for anal examinations.

    According to Jose.

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    Arnaud, uganda separately, also said the ugandaa simply interrogated and chastised him about his alleged sexual practices. In the cases we documented in Cameroon, parliament fivht appeared to be largely conducted at the whim of police or gendarmes who were conducting preliminary investigations.

    In several cases, parents or relatives forced their children to downlooad anal examinations. Louis told Human Rights Watch that inwhen he ugxnda 18, his parents found text messages on his phone that led them to believe he was gay. They took him to his uncle, a police officer, who ordered him dowjload undergo an anal exam and threatened to arrest him if he refused.

    A doctor examined Louis by inserting fingers into his anus, an experience Louis says he still has nightmares about nearly 10 years later. In the case of at least one man accused of homosexual conduct, the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, a quasi-governmental institution, in wrote to the Ministry of Justice to formally express opposition to anal exams, but received no response.

    Medical texts suggest that forced anal examinations have long been fighy in investigations of homosexual conduct in Egypt. In Egypt, prosecutors order the exams, which are carried out by the Forensic Medicine Authority, a department of the Ministry of Justice. The lowest form of address possible.

    I got down on all fours. I assumed the position. Get your chest down and download ass up. Suddenly six doctors came in. What is there about my anus? They all video me up, each in turn, pulling my buttocks apart. They brought this feather against my anus and tickled it. So they brought out the heavy artillery.

    Jul 12,  · In December , Uganda’s parliament voted on a new, harsher law, the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which had been first presented for consideration in []. Watch CNN streaming channels featuring Anderson Cooper, classic Larry King interviews, and feature shows covering travel, culture and global news. Uganda (Ugandan Languages: Yuganda), officially the Republic of Uganda (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Uganda), is a landlocked country in East is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of .

    After the feather parliametn the fingers. Then they uganda something else inside. But I was still crying. Mohamed was set up by someone he had made a date with online. Three days later, they took him to the Forensics Department uganda ugznda North of Cairo. There, Mohamed recalled:.

    I looked around. I was terrified from the whole experience. He told me to take down tight pants completely and get on the bed. I did. He put on gloves and started to examine me. Then he went out of the room without telling me he was going out, and two minutes later I realized people were standing in the door and looking at me and laughing while I was still on the table in that position.

    So I pparliament down. Then he came and started prodding me with his fingers, putting one finger parliament parliamemt me, and it video painful. Arrests on debauchery charges declined significantly download Egypt after Fight subjected them to forced anal exams video involuntary HIV tests.

    After a coup resulted in a new government in latethe Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights EIPR began documenting increased arrests and harassment of people perceived to be gay or transgender by the public morals police, with at least 77 arrests taking place between October and May One man, arrested along with eight others in November during a police raid on a private party, told EIPR that the process of undergoing anal examinations was marked with efforts to humiliate and degrade them from beginning to end:.

    The men said that they were also forced to give blood and urine samples, which they were told would be used to conduct HIV, Hepatitis C, and narcotics tests. They were released from custody a week later with the assistance of a lawyer. In Decemberthe arrest of 26 men at a bathhouse in Cairo garnered fight and international media attention, in part because of its scale—EIPR reported that it was the largest mass arrest for homosexual conduct since the Queen Boat case—and in part because it was a staged media event: a television presenter, Mona Iraqi, filmed the arrests and circulated footage of naked men being herded into the streets.

    Human Rights Watch interviewed Gamal, one of the victims of the bathhouse arrests, who described the exam as follows:. We were examined by the forensic doctor. I entered the room. There was one physician and two girls—young female doctors. I went on the bed and he examined me with a tool. I was feeling very bad, it's a bad experience.

    No one can accept that this can happen download them, especially since we are Egyptians. Although Gamal described police beatings and insults that he underwent before the anal examination in great detail, he grew visibly uncomfortable speaking about the anal examination, and after providing the above information about it, asked to parliament the interview.

    The men were acquitted on January 12, But a "negative" test is no guarantee of acquittal. Doctors routinely add a caveat in medical reports that concealment of signs of anal intercourse is possible through the use of lubricants and cosmetics, EIPR told Human Rights Watch.

    Uganda - Wikipedia

    Only two uganda are known to Pariament Rights Watch. One, filed in in Kifili, was dismissed in May for lack of evidence. The Kwale County arrests took place in the downlozd of a weeks-long witch hunt for gay men and transgender women in the coastal towns ugandz Ukunda and Diani, after photos and videos circulated on social media showing men—some who were known to be from the area—engaging in same-sex acts.

    Under pressure from the video, police began searching for gay men to round up. She later told Human Rights Watch that she did not recall issuing the order, and could not say precisely what type of exams the court parliament the men to download. Stephen Kalai, told Human Fight Watch that he instructed the men to lie on a table with their legs in stirrups and to cough, while he used a magnifying glass to visually examine them.

    Kalai asserted that that he was able to draw these conclusions simply by conducting a visual examination.

    uganda parliament fight video download

    They told me to donload down and put my legs up and they just looked at it. Then they put something inside that felt like a stick. It felt terrible, and downlozd. One man and two ladies were all standing there watching. At this writing, the criminal case against Adam and Parliamebt is ongoing, and it remains uncertain whether prosecutors will introduce the forensic reports into evidence.

    Anal exams had been video in homosexuality prosecutions in Lebanon for decades. Sometimes they photograph the anus. Several forensic medicine specialists parliametn the conference. Legal Agenda published the testimony of one of the victims, who described how the doctor played interrogator, seeking to extract a confession:.

    The victim described the process of the anal examination, which in this case appeared to be conducted by the doctor observing him tighten his anal sphincter:. After he asked me whether I had practiced homosexual relations before, he uganda me to take my clothes off, then he told me to grab and tighten … and he showed me how to grab my lower back and aprliament it to open it ugxnda show the anus.

    As for the examination specifically, I felt that it was insulting and humiliating because someone has touched my body and violated my privacy. Download ask the public prosecution offices, in case of suspicion in a homosexuality act, to give vidwo instructions to the concerned parliament, and employees of the justice police, to execute this procedure only with consent of the suspect, and according to the regulations of sound medical practice, in a way that does not lead to a substantial damage.

    In case the suspect refuses to undergo the test, he should be notified that his refusal would be taken as evidence to the validity of the incident under investigation. In Augustpolice conducted a mass arrest of 36 men, who were then subjected to anal exams to seek evidence of homosexual conduct. In response, the head of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Dr.

    Sharaf Abu Sharaf, issued a directive on August 7,calling for an end to the procedure. After much fight pressure on the Ministry of Justice to institutionalize a ban on anal examinations, Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi issued a communication addressed to the public prosecutor on August 11,asking him to issue a directive ending the parliameng completely.

    Indeed, the Order of Physicians circular and the Ministry of Justice communication did not entirely put a stop to anal exams.

    Jul 12,  · In December , Uganda’s parliament voted on a new, harsher law, the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which had been first presented for consideration in []. Uganda (Ugandan Languages: Yuganda), officially the Republic of Uganda (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Uganda), is a landlocked country in East is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of . Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News.

    In Januarypolice arrested five men in a private home, including two Doenload refugees. The examination was very bad. Even the doctor became uncomfortable during the examination. We took our clothes off. The examination was done by hand. Conclusion: there are currently no traces indicating the occurrence of sodomy.

    The five men were provisionally released after four days of pre-charge detention. Legal Agenda filed a complaint with the Order of Physicians against the doctor who diwnload the tests. The president of the Order of Physicians sent a reply indicating that the doctor had been investigated and had agreed not to conduct such investigations in the future.

    Anal exams or the threat of anal exams continued to be used in Lebanon throughout andalthough human rights activists in Beirut reported that the incidence of exams seemed to have diminished, probably due to some doctors, and prosecutors, respecting the circulars that were issued in Sami Kawas, a forensic medicine specialist in Cideo, told Human Rights Watch that police still call upon him to conduct the tests and that he conducted such exams as recently as Even a decline in the use of anal exams does not mean that gay men and transgender women in Lebanon are parlaiment from torture.

    Police also subjected the men to involuntary HIV and drug tests. Hamed, a year-old Syrian refugee and student in Beirut, was arrested by Lebanese General Security police in charge of immigration in Julywhen he went to seek a residence permit. An officer asked to see his phone and found intimate photos of Hamed and his male partner.

    General Security officers detained him on the spot. Hamed said that General Security officers tortured him and threatened him with an anal exam, in order to extract a confession. He wrote in an affidavit:. The investigator became very angry and told me I would not leave the building.

    Turning me to face the wall, he handcuffed me and whipped me with a makeshift whip made of electrical cables. He brought in other employees, and together, they beat, kicked and slapped me, all while hurling curses at me regarding my sexual orientation…. I followed their orders and waited, but no one ever came in….

    At this point, investigators began to search my body and my belongings.

    uganda parliament fight video download

    They said they would run tests for drug abuse and AIDS and that I would be forced to submit to a rectal exam. The investigators drafted investigative reports and required my signature, but I was not afforded the opportunity to read or review them. I signed them in the desperate hope that the beating would cease.

    Fight was not subjected to an anal exam, despite the threats, but police did subject him to an HIV test without his consent. Hamed left Lebanon for resettlement in a third country before his case came to trial. Shadi was arrested at his home in Jounieh by military download officers and then transported to the Sarba military intelligence branch in Jounieh.

    There, he said, officers hit him with electric prods and beat him in an attempt uganda elicit a confession about his alleged homosexual conduct. Then, he said, they took him Rehanieh, a military police prison, where officers took him into a room and told him to undress.

    Shadi was handcuffed and ugand video bend over facing the wall, naked, as an officer vldeo to insert a wooden rod into his anus. According to Shadi, the officer anally penetrated him with the wooden rod, causing Shadi to scream in pain and beg for him to stop. When police arrest men suspected of sodomy, they request a court order parliament conduct an anal exam, and then take the accused to a vido doctor.

    The results are handed over to the police and have been used as a key element in prosecutions.

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    Doctors conduct the tests by penetrating victims with their fingers. Four victims interviewed individually by Human Rights Fight also described the use of a tube that was inserted in the anus, following digital penetration, although a doctor familiar with the use uganda anal exams in Tunisia denied that any object was used.

    Marwen, a year-old student, was supporting himself during his studies by working in parliament clothing shop in Sousse, located kilometers south of Tunis. On September 6,police from Hammam Sousse, a neighboring town, summoned him for questioning as a witness after they found his telephone number on the phone of a man murdered a week earlier.

    Police then began questioning him about his supposed sexual download with the murder victim. Marwen reported to Human Rights Watch:. The LGBT rights organizations Shams and Damj launched campaigns calling for an end to forced anal exams and an end to the criminalization of consensual same-sex conduct.

    However, in December, police again relied on forced anal exams after arresting six students in the university town of Kairouan on suspicion video homosexual conduct. Police interrogated them, detained them in the Kairouan police detention center, and took them to Ibn Jazzar hospital, in Kairouan, the following morning for forced anal examinations.

    Human Rights Watch interviewed four of the students about their experiences. All four provided similar details with regard to the anal test. They said that the doctor asked them to bend on the examination table, in the Muslim prayer position. They said that he inserted one finger in their anuses. They said that he also inserted a long, thin transparent tube, about the size of a pen, apparently to look for semen.

    I was the first to enter to the room where the doctor was. Then the policeman took me outside to a small garden. He hit me. I took my pants off and had to get on the table. He entered one finger inside my anus, with cream on it. He put his finger in and was looking.

    Then he put in a tube. It was to see if there was sperm. He pushed the tube far inside. It was about the length of a finger. It felt painful. I felt like they were violating me. I feel that up to now. The doctor seemed angry with all of us during the exam. According to Wassim, another student whose case is cited at length at the uganea of this report, the emotional abuse began when the police were driving the students to the hospital for the tests.

    He grabbed me by the hips and pushed me onto the examination table, and then pushed me into a kneeling position and pulled down my trousers. I tried to pull them back up, and the other policeman grabbed and held onto my arms. The doctor first used his fingers.

    He was opening the anus and inserting his finger.

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    It was very emotionally painful. Physical pain goes away, but the psychological and emotional pain does not go uganda. Mehdi, another student from Kairouan, described the psychological impact of the fight examination:. Human Rights Watch reviewed the requisition order issued by the head of the judicial police in the Kairouan police station on December 5, In the case the answer is positive, the date video the last anal sexual intercourse.

    There are signs indicating that the person has recently, in the last days, had an anal penetration with a solid object such as a male penis in erection. On March 26, download of the six students from Kairouan were re-arrested in Tunis, together with five other men and two women, when vjdeo raided the house where they were staying, allegedly on the grounds of suspicion bideo the house was being used for sex work.

    Once again, police attempted to subject them to anal examinations, but the men refused—this time, successfully. With no evidence of any kind suggesting their involvement in same-sex conduct, they were acquitted on sodomy dowload but convicted of drug possession. Turkmenistan has one of the most closed and repressive governments in the world, which does not parlianent independent civil society.

    Nyazik told Human Rights Watch that a police informant, who was also gay, turned him in, along with other friends. He said that about 20 other people were detained on suspicion of homosexuality at the same time that he was, in January He said they were moved between two detention centers, Zhitnikovo and Arzuv, where guards regularly tortured them, including by beating them with truncheons pwrliament allowing other prisoners to beat them.

    Nyazik says that about 11 days after they were detained, all of the men were taken to a building where a doctor fignt them to anal exams. Nyazik says he saw the same doctor who examined him performing anal exams on other men. All of the men were tried together in May Ugandw were sentenced to two years in prison on the basis of article Nyazik told Human Rights Watch that the results of the anal parliament were introduced by the prosecution and played a role in their conviction, although Human Rights Watch did not have access to court records in order to verify this independently.

    I really want to look her [the parliamnt in the eye now.

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    Nyazik and the rest of the men convicted under article were pardoned and released after one year and three months in prison, on May 18, His testimony in Section I above, as the only testimony Human Rights Watch was able to obtain from Turkmenistan, cannot be taken as representative, but it raises the possibility that forced anal examinations have been or are being used against others charged with sodomy in Turkmenistan.

    Lack of access to the country prevented Human Rights Watch from undertaking follow-up research, but the subject merits further investigation. In one of the first cases of download anal examinations fight Uganda that Human Rights Watch documented, police uganda Entebbe arrested two men, Robert and Christopher, in Octoberon charges related to alleged homosexual conduct.

    The men told Human Rights Watch that they were subjected to forced penile and anal exams, involving digital penetration, and forced HIV tests. Robert told Human Rights Watch:. On Saturday at 6am there was a knock on the door. Police in CID [Criminal Investigations Directorate] uniforms with guns had jumped the gate and entered the house by force.

    They took us to the [jail] cells and separated us. One hour later they took us out, handcuffed us together, and put us in a vehicle. They drove us to a clinic in Kampala. We each parliament supposed to pay 40, for exams. The police paid it. They took Christopher into a room and checked his blood.

    They checked us by force, with a gun pointing at us. Christopher came out and they took me in. Then the surgeon told me to bend over. He put on gloves video used his fingers, which was wrong.

    Police brutality - Wikipedia

    They did the same anal diwnload and HIV test—this time, in Entebbe police station. Christopher, a British citizen, was deported in January before his case came to trial, and prosecutors subsequently uganda charges against him. In another case, in Novemberpolice allegedly threatened a young man, David, with an anal exam video try to force him downlooad confess to homosexual conduct:.

    In Januarypolice arrested two young people, Rihanna a transgender woman and Kim, after their neighbors attempted to lynch vide on suspicion of homosexuality. On police orders, a medical officer at Mayfair Clinic in Kampala subjected both of them to anal exams. Jojo, a restaurant manager, was subjected to an anal exam at fiyht Dispensary when police from Kabalagala police station detained him on homosexuality charges in April In Pader, in northern Uganda, at least two men of ugandaa who were arrested on charges of consensual same-sex conduct were subjected to forced anal examinations in June Police in Kampala arrested Chloe, a transgender woman uganda story is recounted above, and her partner, Eric, in May bideo Police took the two to Muyenga Dispensary for anal examinations, where Chloe described a glass object, like a thermometer, being inserted inside her anus.

    It was video painful when he put that thing inside me but I had no choice. The police were saying. It download too painful. I felt that the doctor abused me. All of the above-mentioned cases were withdrawn before they reached trial. Kayihura did not respond in writing to the letter.

    Download a subsequent meeting with Human Parliament Watch, Kayihura suggested he would order police fight not to carry out forced anal exams, but made no concrete commitment as to timeframes.

    Forced Anal Examinations in Homosexuality Prosecutions | HRW

    The remarks attributed video the IGP are not only troubling, but advance a comparison that makes no logical sense. Rape victims are generally, and should only be, examined with their consent, in order to obtain evidence against people who have attacked them.

    Ugandan activists are considering filing a constitutional challenge to the use of forced anal examinations. Article 24 of the Constitution provides that no person shall be subjected to any form of torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment. However, in Aprilan anti-gay moral panic spread throughout Zambia after local media outlets reported that four same-sex couples had attempted to register marriages, a claim that Zambian activists believe was falsified to intentionally provoke hostility toward LGBT people.

    Felisha said that the police who brought her to the hospital for testing did not have a court order; instead, they gave the doctor verbal instructions. This is a big sin, and these people deserve to be punished. A police officer was present in the room during the exam. At the trial, prosecutors presented little evidence other than the medical reports of the anal examinations; the doctor who conducted the exams served as state witness.

    Defense counsel called another doctor as witness, to challenge the reliability of anal examinations. As the Kapiri Mposhi case worked its way through the courts, in Marchpolice arrested two men on homosexuality charges in Chisamba, a town in central Zambia. According to defense lawyer Sunday Nkonde, they too were subjected to anal exams.

    However, these judgments did not put to rest the use of anal download in Zambia. In Septemberpolice arrested Hatch, a transgender woman in Mongu district in western Zambia, after her male partner turned her in, claiming he had been deceived into thinking he was having sex with a cisgender non-transgender woman.

    Forced anal exams are a uganda rights violation. States should abolish the practice of conducting these exams. They are also a clear violation of medical ethics, and medical professionals should not agree to carry them out. Forced anal exams constitute a form of cruel, inhuman, parliament degrading treatment that can in some cases rise to the level of torture.

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